This Medicare Advantage Plan is becoming popular: Find out why!

This 2019 Medicare Advantage Plan is becoming popular: Find out why!

For those who still haven´t heard about it, the Medicare advantage plan F, which is currently the best seller and a favorite to most people, will soon no longer be available. This has been decided by Congress and starting January 2020, no new members will be able to enroll to this plan. The members that have already enrolled to this plan before the 1st of January, 2020 will be able to continue using its benefits. If your open enrollment period is after 2020 and you´ve been waiting to enroll to advantage plan F then, you now need to find another solution.

The advantage plan F is not the only one that is going away. Advantage plan C will no longer be available either. What these two have in common is that they both pay for the Medicare part B deductible, which is 183$ a year. It is exactly this cost that can no longer be covered by any private health insurance company, ever. Congress has passed this law as a way of preventing overuse of the health care system. Their belief is, that because everything is covered, people will visit health care provided even when it´s not necessary, such as for a paper cut or a cold. This leads to more costs for the health insurance companies, that are being covered by the premium rate. To be able to avoid this, the new law orders that everyone needs to pay at least one amount out of their own pockets. They believe, that by doing so, people will think twice before visiting the health care provided and really visit only when the professional health care is needed.

Not only do new members who were planning on enrolling to one of these plans to find a new solution. Members, who are already enrolled to the advantage plan F are also starting to worry. They think, that as no new members will be able to enroll, the prices for the premium rates will go high. If this happens or not, is yet to come!

However, in any case, you need to be introduced to this advantage plan, that is getting more and more popular: The Medicare advantage plan G! It is the best alternative to Medicare advantage plan F, as it covers all of the expenses that plan F does, apart for the Medicare advantage part B deductible. With plan G, all you´ll need to pay is the premium rate and the deductible 183$ annually.

Before choosing a plan, remember to compare between different health insurance companies. The premium rate cost can vary from company to company, so comparing can end up saving you a great amount of money! Also, remember that the best time to enroll to a Medicare advantage plan is during your open enrollment period, which is 6 months after the day you turn 65. After this period has passed, the premium rates can be very high and the health insurance company can even deny you enrollment.